Honors Program

The Honors Program at Eureka College

is designed to enroll, reward, and prepare academically gifted students, encouraging them toward intellectual initiative and independence.  Students are selected for their outstanding academic achievements and monitored throughout a strategic four-year matriculation that will prepare them to pursue advanced degrees in graduate or professional programs and to assume leadership roles in their professions and in society.


The Honors Program prepares you for your professional pursuits and dreams through engaging and innovative courses, participation in professional and academic conferences, specialized career advising and post graduate preparation, and a host of stimulating and engaging cultural events.


Download the Eureka College Honors Program brochure here.


Want to use your academic talents to impact the world around you?

Your honors advisor can help you:

  • Connect to organizations and leaders in the issues you care most about.
  • Design meaningful projects that use your academic skills and interests to address issues in the community.
  • Find fellowships, internships, and study abroad opportunities for public service and social change.
  • We'll also challenge you to think more deeply about how to make lasting, ethical social change.


Becoming a World Changer

Freshman students are accepted into the Honors Program based upon their excellent high school record.  Transfer students who have completed Honors Programs at an Illinois community college can transfer directly into Eureka College's Honors Program.


Other students may qualify by achieving a 3.5 GPA and upon successful completion of an interview with the Honors Program Director.


Eureka College's Honors Program is associated with the Honors Council of the Illinois Region (HCIR) for 2021 - Advancing IL Honors Program Together.


Benefits of Being an Honors Program Student

As a participant in Eureka College's Honors Program, you will have access to several resources and benefits, including:

  • Priority Registration - This means that students in the Honors Program will have first pick at courses offered, regardless of major.  This will allow the student to better tailor their studies for maximum achievement.
  • Honors Experiential Grant - The College offers all Honors Program students who maintain a 3.5 GPA and have met Honors' requirements to be eligible for up to $2,500 in Experiential Grant money for Honors Program study and research according to the Experiential Grant money specifications.  
  • Special Recognition - Honors Program graduates walk FIRST in their commencement ceremony.  Graduating seniors receive a transcript notation indicating that they have "graduated through the Honors Program."
  • No Additional Fees - The Honors Program does not charge additional membership fees for joining.  The Honors courses will usually substitute for other courses; therefore, not incurring any additional credits.
  • All Majors Welcome - Courses offered within the Honors Program are used to enhance a student's education, as we offer tracks that coincide with several majors.  All majors are welcome to join the Honors Program.


The Honors Program has been incredibly formative for me.  Specifically, the process of writing my honors thesis allowed me to study something that I'm passionate about more in depth than I would be able to otherwise.  Additionally, the support and engagement that I've been able to receive from faculty members is something that has strengthened my research skills and writing process.

- Elsie Croasdale, '20


Over the past three years, I have had the chance to dive deeper into specific topics of interest I never thought I would be able to, created friendships with the faculty who have helped bring my thesis and research to life along the way, and most importantly, the program has equipped me with the necessary study tactics and research methods that I need to excel not only in the classroom, but in the workplace as well.

- Marisa Burton, '20